“Thank you Carla, for such an amazing comedic meditation experience for our team. Your personalized comedic styling left our team in stitches… one of our team said she couldn’t breathe she was laughing so hard! But of course, breathe we did.. with such a calming and thoughtful meditation. Perfect for our busy creative minds. You are the antidote to our crazy back to back zoom-filled lives. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience to give us a moment of pause. As another team member summed it up… ‘genius!’”

— Kirsten Rutherford, Group Creative Director, TBWA Chiat Day

“Great show, great energy, funny and charismatic, and a meditation well guided. Keep them coming. The world needs someone like you right now.”

— Brandon Scott, Magic Box Theatre.

“Carla’s comedy was hilarious and her guided meditation was beautiful and much-needed right now.”

— Kyle Norrington, President of LaBatts Breweries of Canada.

“…we were absolutely blown away by the Comedic Meditation birthday session you masterfully created into the PERFECT tailor-made gift for my husband Chip. You have the uncanny ability to take literally any material and weave it into the most clever, lighthearted, yet insightful personal Divine comedy…we were in tears of laughter! The guided meditation that followed caringly integrated visualizations connected with specific issues that we were invited to share in advance…we were totally unprepared for the phenomenal experience that Carla manifested. We have both noticed synchronistic “results” connected with the meditation. Thanks for lifting us up in the most special way! If there’s a special event or event and you’d like to up the magnificence quotient, Carla Collins is your Taliswoman!”

— Donna Carole Roberts, Producer and Director of Vermont Interfaith Power & Light.

“I hired Carla to do two Chuckle and Chill sessions for me and both were terrific! The audiences for the two sessions were very different and Carla tailored the comedy and the meditation to be appropriate for each group. Of course, as the funniest woman I know, Carla’s comedy was top notch – smart, sassy and hilarious. Much to my delight, both meditations were fantastic, approachable and incredibly relaxing -honestly, her meditation skills are off the charts! The events were both well-received, fun, relaxing and something truly different that everyone loved.”

— Stacy Hess, Director of Sales, Microsoft US.

“…the comedy was fantastic and the meditation was extremely mind easing. Carla is not only an amazing, strong and talented woman but her humour had me in tears for a better part of the evening. I have struggled with addiction and trauma for many years and am astounded at how well this worked for me. I will be telling all my veteran and first responder friends.”

— Graham Trude, veteran and singer/songwriter.

“Amazing! Loved it, both parts. This was wonderful”

— Debbie Tibbo, Torkin Manes Barristers and Solicitors.

“WOW! Carla’s meditation voice was as powerful as her humour. We absolutely loved the experience”

— Andre Morriseau, Ontario Native Women’s Association.

“I was initially skeptical about this idea but knew I would enjoy Carla’s comedy as I had previously watched her perform in Los Angeles. What I didn’t expect was the deepest meditation I’ve ever experienced following her comedy. I actually had a vision that involved aurora borealis and light entering through my left hand during her guided meditation. This concept is brilliant, epiphany inducing and can be transformational. Someone needs to get this to Oprah!”

— Dr Chett Mallett, Chiropractor, Los Angeles.

“I love absolutely everything about this. Carla is hilarious and that voice! I am a big fan of using laughter to heal. I have recommended comedic meditation to all of my fellow veterans.”

— Dr. Erin Stair, MD, New York.

“I loved it, being able to laugh before the class calmed me down. I’m a fan now of comedic meditation”

— Amber Pfister, host NBC California Live.

“I went to Comedic Meditation last week with Carla Collins and settled into one of the most vivid and peaceful guided meditations I have ever experienced. And oh yeah—I laughed my ass off for over a half hour beforehand. I like that combination!”

— James McKay, High School French Teacher, Los Angeles.

“I really was taken down quite an unexpected journey. And it was lovely…it had such an overwhelming emotional effect on me for hours after. In a good way!”

— Amanda

“Clearly Carla has the sexiest, most soothing voice in the stratosphere as she managed to knock out an insomniac, me! Comedic Meditation was awesome, my friends and I loved it. I also enjoyed the best night’s sleep I’ve had in forever after attending. Can’t wait for the next one!”

— Leigh Faith, Actor / Producer. Los Angeles.

“Comedic Meditation with Carla Collins is a trifecta of bliss: belly laughs, relaxation and the best company. You should absolutely check this out and shake your chakras with her. So much more bang for the buck than just going to see a comedian. With Carla you get endorphins and hardcore stress relief.”

— Nancy Bent, Communications Director. Toronto.

“I listen to a guided meditation every night before I fall asleep and am constantly searching the net and my meditation app to find one that isn’t annoying or pretentious. Just attended Carla’s Comedic Meditation in Toronto and it’s a game changer!”

— JP Gladu, former CEO Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, CEO of Bouchier, Toronto.

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