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As the world begins to reopen, Carla is once again available for Chuckle and Chill bookings out in the wild. Due to the popularity of the virtual group, corporate and one-on-one sessions via Zoom, Carla will continue to offer Comedic Meditations online so these can be enjoyed anywhere around the world and in the comfort of your own home. Happily, we discovered this year that the virtual delivery method of Chuckle and Chill was overwhelmingly well-received. These sessions are individually customized and much warmer than an app.

Fashionably Late April Fools Comedic Meditation With Carla Collins


30 min  C$20


Date & Time
7:30 MST / 9:30 EST — April 4, 2022

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Everything you need to know about Comedic Mediation but were afraid to ashram.

Shelter at ‘Om Review – Carla Collins at the Whitefire Theatre

Canadian comic Carla Collins wowed her streaming audience with the humor so clearly needed at this time of COVID crisis. In a benefit performance at the Whitefire Theatre, the rapid-fire comedienne cut slices of pop, politics, libation, and sex into a comedic stew as she rolled through bits and pieces of her own life and the lives of her stressed viewers – all to nurture their brain waves to a place of peace mixed with fun and games.

Perhaps Carla’s biggest comedic leap came at the end of her performance, when she coaxed her audience to relax using comedic meditation, an original technique which she developed to combine comedy and spirituality. To quote Carla:

“Here’s how it works. I make people laugh for 30 or 40 minutes with my standup. Then I take them through a relaxing, authentic guided meditation. It’s the real deal, not a parody. With both laugher and meditation, the brain produces the same gamma state – so they work very well together.”

Carla is no stranger to self-help approaches. In 2010, she published her book, “Angels, Vampires, and Douche Bags,” in which she divided the world into three categories. Angels are positive and do good for people, while vampires suck them dry and douche bags do the obvious. Clearly, it was better to be an angel – a pinnacle worth reaching through hard work and self-awareness. Comedic meditation again takes people on a self-actualizing journey.

In many ways, SHELTER AT ‘OM was the perfect vehicle for the streaming platform. What better place to curl up, relax, and even snooze a bit than in one’s own private space? Carla achieved her entertaining and intriguing goals: to make people laugh and enjoy some positive moments in time – with the ultimate goal of decreasing anxiety and stress and guiding people to a better place within their environments and also within themselves.

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Elaine L. Mura, Splash Magazine

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Your session begins with 20-30 minutes of stand-up comedy to naturally release endorphins.


Standup is followed by a 30-40 minute authentic, original and deeply relaxing guided meditation.

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