Private & Corporate Sessions

Introducing Private & Corporate Virtual Sessions

We have been living through extraordinary and unparalleled days making for anxious times at the workplace. Nothing is business as usual.

Fortunately, there is nothing typical about Comedic Meditation. It’s the antidote to the current uncommon workplace stress caused by the global pandemic, never-ending shutdowns and the new Facebook layout.

During these unprecedented, stressful and uncertain times, these sessions are invaluable, particularly for those isolating or quarantining alone.

Let’s be honest Zoom or online comedy shows and/or speakers aren’t ideal for the presenter or the audience working from home.

However, a Comedic Meditation experience may be the only possible exception to the new normal as streaming is the perfect delivery system for this fresh concept. This way, after your colleagues, clients or employees release endorphins laughing in the safety of their own homes, they can then sit or lie back off camera, close their eyes and enjoy a soothing, original guided meditation in the privacy and comfort of their own surroundings. No one will have to worry about feeling self-conscious, judged or having to drive home after zenning out. Comedic Meditation is an excellent morale booster for the new workplace and a great and unique way to show appreciation to your customers.

Finally, Carla is able to tailor both her comedy material and her guided meditation to best suit you and your company making for a more personal experience. From law firms to women’s groups to beer companies, Comedic Meditation is a hit. This is one Hollywood marriage that is going to last!

Ready to Chuckle & Chill?